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Since it was established in 2010, Global ADE has worked tirelessly to fulfill its mission of strengthening and supporting education in developing countries by funding programs driven by local community leaders. Building on its past successes, relationships, and experiences, Global ADE’s current projects focus on a rural village outside Siem Reap, Cambodia—a country still recovering from decades of war and cultural and educational devastation. Through the support of donors, organizational partners, and the local community, Global ADE is currently expanding access to education to those who previously had none.

Stephen Mazujian Middle School

We are proud of the Stephen Mazujian Middle School! Located in the Srah Srang village in the Arah Svay district just outside of Siem Reap, this school supports the students and families of not only the Srah Srang village, but also eight other surrounding villages. This cluster of nine villages represent some of the poorest villages in Siem Reap. Quite a sad paradox considering it is located within the Angkor Wat complex, which attracts millions of tourists each year.

Due to the transformative support from the Barefield Family, John Pinette & Pradit Phuangmalai, the Srah Srang Svay village and many others, we have been able to complete the construction of 15 classrooms, a study hall, a library, a computer lab, a sport court, a well, an office, a farming patch and a Solar PV system at the Stephen Mazujian Middle School. In its first year of operation, this school gave an education to almost 350 students and employed 17 local Cambodian teachers and staff full time. Due to the great success of the students and staff, this school has expanded and now serves over 800 students and employees 32 local Cambodian teachers and staff full time.

If you want to help us provide a quality education to over 800 deserving students please donate, start a fundraiser or contact Lindsey Oakes at

Thank you!

Global ADE - Our Programs - Stephen Mazujian School Global ADE - Our Programs - Stephen Mazujian School Global ADE - Our Programs - Stephen Mazujian School Global ADE - Our Programs - Stephen Mazujian School

Spitler School Foundation

In Cambodia, students often drop out of school between primary school and secondary school. Global ADE first partnered with the Spitler School Foundation to fund scholarships for students who graduate from primary school and wish to further their education into middle school. Each student received a new bicycle, two school uniforms, a small stipend for bike repairs and tutoring, and the necessary pens, pencils and notebooks that are required to enroll in secondary school. In the first three years of this partnership, Global ADE supported over 170 students and saw a dropout rate of only 25% versus the 65% average in the surrounding community.

Through this experience with the Spitler School Foundation and other partnerships, Global ADE was able to move from providing scholarships for middle school students, to spearheading the establishment of a new middle school—Stephan Mazujian Middle School. Global ADE and the Spitler School Foundation continue close collaboration in their projects and initiatives. Spitler School Foundation website

Global ADE - Student Scholarship Program

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