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Global ADE - How We Help

Strengthening education in developing countries:

  • We have brought an education to over 2,000 Cambodian students through our programs.
  • We have built two schools which are educating over 350 students apiece in a variety of different subjects which include but are not limited to Khmer, English, History, Math, Science and IT.
  • We are currently building a middle school which we estimate will be able to accommodate 1,200 students per year.
  • We have developed teacher training programs that have educated 23 teachers. These teachers will now be able to better educate their students for the rest of their careers.
  • We have given scholarships to over 200 middle school students and have decreased the dropout rate to 12-25% (depending upon the village). Normally the dropout rate ranges from 48% to 60%.
  • We have provided IT, language and career services training to over 50 university students so that they will be better prepared for the work force upon graduation.
  • We have provided over 400 students with English classes.
  • We have provided supplementary classes and tutoring to over 750 students at two other schools.
Global ADE - How We Help
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